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Thank you for visiting the 45rpm studio. Co., Ltd. website. Please make sure you are aware of our policies below.

Privacy Policy

45rpm studio. Co., Ltd. ("we," "us" or "our", hereafter) consider our use of the information collected from customers properly as our social responsibility. As defined below in our privacy policy, we use the personal information collected from our customers responsibly and make sure that the information is managed safely.

  • 1. If we are to collect personal information, we will inform you of the purpose we are collecting such information for, and obtain your agreement.
  • 2. We use the information you provided only for the purpose to provide you with additional information on our products and services, or related matters, or other purposes for which we have obtained your consent, unless otherwise defined in the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • 3. We comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, and we take appropriate security measures to protect the information collected from our customers.
  • 4. We will not share personal information of our customers to the third party, unless it is used by our contractors who are contracted to utilize the information collected by customers in order to achieve certain objectives, with prior consents by customers, or it is required by the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • 5. We will have necessary and appropriate supervisions for our contractors so that they securely manage personal information of customers, when our contractors have access to personal information of our customers.
  • 6. We will act appropriately and swiftly, when our customers request us to disclose, modify/amend/delete, opt-out for our use, inform them with the purpose to use the information, and suspend various services utilizing their personal information we collected from our customers.

For further inquiries on our privacy policy, please contact us HERE.

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Copyright of all the information available on this website, including text, branding, illustration, photographs, designs, figures, and logos; trademarks; and other objects that have intellectual property rights belong to 45rpm studio. Co., Ltd ("we", "us", or "our" hereafter), and therefore we post them.
Therefore, it is prohibited by law to reuse in whole or in part information for secondary purposes - such as reproduction, conversion, distribution, posting, sales, and/or publication, without our prior consent.

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