July 19, 2017 Summer festival "WAsshoii"

Locations / Dates:
Badou-R Flagship store, Kyoto store, Fukuoka Iwataya store from July 7th to 9th / Sendai Parco 2, Takasaki store, Hiroshima Mitsukoshi from July 14th to 16th / Kanazawa store, Dai-Nagoya store from July 21st to 23rd / Ginza store from July 28th to 30th

We held the event on July 7th on Tanabata day. We had the pleasure to meet up with a lot of customers. We may have met up with princess Orihime and prince Hikoboshi as well ... (characters from Japanese legends). From now on and until the end of July we will go all around the country. Please, come enjoy with us!

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