45rpm's Obsession


At 45R stores, we wrap the items you purchase with a furoshiki.
We want to connect with our customers through furoshikis, embracing a Japanese tradition and passing it on. Sharing the potential that one piece of cloth possesses and giving it onto others. We are not only selling clothes, but also paying attention to what lies beyond and around them - this is our thinking.

◎ "R gato" stamps

At your first purchase at our stores, we will wrap your items with a furoshiki. Please bring it back when you come back to our stores for more shopping. Every time your items are wrapped with your furoshiki, we will give you an "R gato" stamp on the cloth.

◎'R de Wooden Handle'

We start exchanging the accumulated ten "R gato" stamps for 'R de Wooden Handle'. It is the wooden handles made of camphor tree that are modeled the 'R' shape. By tying scarves or furoshiki, it can be used as a bag.
(We are offering the request at 45R stores).
※Exchange of Bandana Furoshiki has been terminated.

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